10 Healthy Ways Busy Moms Can Relax and De-Stress

This post is sponsored by Activia but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Are you a busy mom looking to find time to relax and de-stress? Moms tend to wear several different hats throughout the day and with today’s busy lifestyle we are more stressed out compared to our moms. We often cram our schedules and kid’s schedule so busy that we often forget to take care of ourselves. The busyness can leave you feeling frazzled, stressed-out, and burned out.

According to studies, stress is a major contributor to numerous health issues. Stress is proven to increase the risk of various conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma.

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As a mom, I want to challenge you to take at least 15 minutes a day to yourself so that you can de-stress and unwind from the day’s activities. Moms who feel constantly stressed out are likely to have a lower immune system which causes you to get sick more frequently.

Here are my favorite ways to relax and de-stress.


Adult Coloring

In late 2015, I discovered the world of adult coloring and quickly fell in love. It is something that can easily be picked up and put back down quickly if interrupted. The repetitive strokes has been thought to relieve stress, even if you use gel pens. You can easily spend 15 minutes or longer at the end of the day coloring.

Enjoy the Sunshine

This is a great activity that you can do with the kids if they are driving you crazy. Grab some water and head outside for some fresh air. Let the kids run and play in the yard, head to the park, or go for a walk. Being in the sunshine and getting fresh air is a great way to quickly relieve stress. Plus, you and the kids get a dose of Vitamin D too.

Play a Game

This is one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of the day. I will play a few games on my phone before I doze off to sleep.

Read a Book

Find a book and curl up in bed at the end of the day. Spend time reading a chapter or two while the kids are napping. Sometimes the chores have to wait when it comes to staying sane.

Hide in the Closet and Indulge in Your Favorite Snack

When I was a single mom, on a day when the kids made me want to pull my hair out. I would grab a snack such as Activia yogurt and go lock myself in my closet for a few minutes. Activia yogurt is a healthy snack. I don’t have to feel guilty for taking a few moments during the day to relax and have “me time”.

Just hiding from the kids was enough to diffuse the current situation while I enjoyed my snack. Plus, taking a few minutes by myself let me recollect my thoughts and make it through the rest of the day. I would often use this time to come up with a game plan so that I could tackle the rest of my day and plan time to relax before bed.

Take a Day to Chill

Do you feel like your running yourself ragged? Why not take a day to chill and relax, even with the kiddos. Make it a day where you don’t go anywhere or have set plans. Enjoy the downtime and relax.

Get Your Sweat On

Exercise is an excellent stress reliever and it is something that you can do even if your kids are awake (get them to join in if you workout at home).  It releases endorphins, which send signals to the brain telling you to slow down and relax. A good sweat, burning a few calories, and having some time to yourself away from responsibility for less than an hour is a no-brainer. You don’t even have to go to the gym to workout either. You can go for a walk, use exercise DVDs, check Pinterest for full body weight exercises, and play backyard games with the kids.

Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils

When I am feeling stressed out, I will grab my the lavender or another one of my favorite essential oils and diffuse it. As it diffuses, try taking in a few deep breathes and allow your body to relax.

Schedule a Date Night or Night Out With the Girls

Take the time to schedule date nights or even a night out on the town with the girls. Scheduling a date night will give you something to look forward to and help you get through your day. It is important to get out without your kids from time to time. We suggest scheduling one or two days a month for date night whether it is with your spouse or significant other or a night out with your friends. Getting out of the house is a great way to let loose and relax.

Take a Hot Bath or Shower

I always take a hot bath or shower before bedtime so that I have a few minutes to myself. The hot water always feels good and the soothing sound of water is enough to wash away the stress. You can even grab your favorite bath products such as body wash, bath bombs, lotion, or my favorite, adding a bit of essential oil to my bath water. It only takes 2 or 3 drops of essential oil too.

Bonus: Downsize Your To Do List

Go over your to-do list and see if there are some things that you can remove from your list. The best way to cross off some of the tasks on your list is to start saying “no” to things that you don’t have time to do. For example, learn to say no to your child next time they want you to bake cupcakes for the class party at the last minute or say no to volunteering this month at church.

Stress is often referred to as a silent killer. Over time, your body starts to tune out the “fight or flight” instinct that is triggered when you feel stressed or find yourself in a dangerous situation. When your body is constantly in a state of stress, your brain is continually receiving short bursts of the fight or flight trigger and it causes your body to suppress functions that are needed for immediate survival. We hope that you can use our ideas to help relieve your stress so that you can relax and unwind.

Are you a busy mom? Do you have trouble finding the time to relax and de-stress?

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