6 Effortless Ways to Have a Stress-Free Halloween #ad

Every year as store shelves start making the transition from back to school supplies to Halloween decor, costumes, and candy, I can slowly feel the stress of getting ready for Halloween creeps up. I want to be a planner when it comes to getting the decorations up, putting a pumpkin on the porch, buying the costume, and picking out treats to hand out for the kids that I totally forget what to fix for dinner. This year I am on top of my game and already have Halloween dinner planned.

My kids are already eagerly awaiting the arrival of Halloween around the beginning of October. The anticipation grows the closer we get to the big day so that they can go Trick or Treating. They are already talking about the big day and asking me if there are any festivals to go to as well.

I’m secretly stressing out a bit but my kids have no clue.  If you are secretly stressing about Halloween, we came up with a few tips on how to have a stress-free Halloween.


The moment my kids get home from school, they are constantly asking if it is time to go Trick or Treating. With Halloween falling on a weekday, by the time they get home from school we only have an hour and a half to get ready to go Trick or Treating. In that hour and a half, the kids need to eat dinner so that they aren’t begging for every piece of candy while out and about, do their homework, and get their costume on. Like I mentioned earlier, I already have dinner planned so that this mama doesn’t have to worry about it and make it a stress-free Halloween.

The weekend before Halloween, we will head to Walmart and get groceries for the week which always includes Red Baron pizza. My kids love pizza and it is one meal that I don’t have to persuade them to eat. I will pair their favorite pizza with a salad and a fun festive drink. For the drink, I found a fun Halloween cup at Dollar Tree and I filled it with “blood”. I picked up Big Red since it was red but you can use any red drink of your choice. Getting soda is a rare treat for my kids and I figured they would enjoy the fun drink with their meal.

In the past, we haven’t had time to eat dinner before heading out on Halloween night and that is a huge mistake on my part. It never fails, they always start complaining that they are hungry when we are out having fun. A hungry child can go from happy to having a meltdown in 5 seconds and cause me added stress as I scramble to find my child something to eat.

This year, Red Baron is helping me ensure that my lil’ ninja has a full tummy before we leave the house for the evening. Take the guesswork out of scrambling to find a quick dinner that your child will eat before Halloween festivities start. Serving my lil’ ninja pizza helps me avoid having to beg him to eat his dinner so he can go trick or treating.


The kids love getting out the Halloween decorations and some years we will even pick out a few new ones to add to our collection. I love letting the kids decorate the house but I’m not up for spending a ton of money them. My kids loved the decorations that we got and it didn’t bust my budget. If you are going to shop at Dollar Tree, I suggest that you go soon for the best selection.

This year we went to Dollar Tree and I found a few cute decorations to add to our collection. The spider was my son’s favorite choice and we got a trio of pumpkins to hang on the front door. Then, I grabbed some festive jewels to sprinkle on the table for added fun and some Halloween themed paper plates.


Halloween costumes are expensive especially since you only wear it for a few hours. The added expense of buying costumes for everyone in the family can cause financial stress that I don’t need. If I did buy my kids a costume, I always bought something that they could wear longer than a few hours. For toddlers, they often have Halloween themed PJs that I would buy. This year I was lucky and we found my son’s ninja costume for $6.99 and it was too good of a deal to pass up since he didn’t have anything to wear this year.


Are you planning on passing out treats for Halloween? Halloween candy can be a huge budget killer and if you aren’t able to get rid of it then you are stuck with a bowl of unhealthy treats. In the past, we skipped buying chocolate and bought alternative goodies to pass out. Here is a sample list of alternative goodies that we have passed out for Halloween:

  • box of raisins
  • glow sticks
  • stickers
  • temporary tattoos
  • popcorn
  • bubbles
  • pencils
  • stamps
  • chewing gum (preferably sugar-free)
  • pretzels
  • carabeaner
  • Halloween rings
  • bouncy balls
  • glow-in-the-dark Halloween bracelets


On Halloween night we often put our guard down without even realizing it as we make our way around the neighborhood with our kids. There are more cars out driving around, kids roaming the streets (possibly alone), and taking treats from people we don’t know. Most people aren’t out to hurt your children but there are a few bad apples out there who made me think to remind you to always be aware of your surroundings. Always go out with your kids even if they are old enough to venture around the neighborhood without you. Halloween night often brings random people into the neighborhood to take their kids trick or treating. But that one bad apple could be lurking out there waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Even though we live in a generally safe area, we rarely take our kid’s door to door. Instead, we opt for alternative Halloween options like Trunk or Treats or fall festivals. This minimizes the risk of something happening.

Limit the Treats

My kids love candy and would eat as much as they can in the week following Halloween. I always make them keep the Halloween candy where they can’t get to it without asking. This allows me to control how much candy they can have in one day. I do this to try to teach them healthy habits so that they carry it into their adult life.

Once school started and the weather cooled off for a few days, my lil’ ninja started asking if it is fall yet. He knows that fall is filled with fun festivities and that Halloween is just around the corner. My son has been talking about what he wanted to wear for Halloween since the beginning of September and was eagerly waiting for me to get the Halloween decorations out so that he could decorate the house.

He is so excited for Halloween night so that he can show off his ninja costume and eat Red Baron pizza. I’m glad because t

his mama has everything already planned so it will be a stress-free Halloween. I even tried to get him to get a ninja turtle costume but he said “no”. As the shock wore off, I was a bit bummed out since ninja turtles favorite meal is dun dun dun: Pizza. hahaha

Red Baron pizza has been a family favorite for two decades in our house. I always pick up a few pizzas because I know that there are some evenings that I don’t feel like cooking or we need a quick meal that the kids will eat without a doubt. My kids love the Red Baron classic crust and I love that comes in 11 flavors so kids can choose their favorite toppings. My husband and I love the supreme pizza or the Red Baron Brick Oven pizza. The brick oven pizza boasts a unique crispy, bubbly, golden brown crust. Find Red Baron pizza near you using the store locator.

We hope that you have a stress-free Halloween so that you can enjoy the evening out with your kids.