One of the great things about running is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. However, there are a few essentials on my list that make my morning run much more enjoyable. Check out my list of best running gear for the devoted runner!

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If you plan on running outside or on a treadmill, you need to wear proper footwear that is designed for running. Running is super hard on your joints and knees. It is important to make sure that you are choosing shoes that are specifically made for running. Running shoes are designed to help absorb some of the shock that is created when your foot hits the ground. You should replace your running shoes after you have used them for 300 to 600 miles or every 3 to 6 months depending on how many miles you run a week.

Buy Nike Air Max 2015 for men and women. These shoes are super comfortable and are made to wrap around your foot like a sock. They have eyestays that work with Flywire cable to help create a glove like fit. The Nike Air Max offers plush cushioning and springs to help reduce the impact running has on your joints and knees.


Using a Fitbit is a great way to track the number of steps that you took while you were out running. Many people wear their Fitbit or activity trackers throughout the day so that they can monitor all of their daily activities. Most of the activity trackers are able to connect to apps like Sparkspeople or MyFitness Pal so that you can log your daily activities every day.


If you are planning on running during the summer time, it is very important that you take water with you on your runs. A hydration belt is a great way to carry water while keeping your hands free.


A sports bra is an absolute must have if you are a women. You will want something to adequately support your breasts and help keep them from bouncing around. Running without proper support could cause permanent damage to your breasts.


Carrying your phone is not a must but I is one that I personally suggest. Because when you are out running you can use it to call for help in the event that something happens to you. Accidents happen and its best to be prepared. Plus, you can use it to listen to music, use apps such as map my run, zombie run, ect. Also, if you are doing timed runs you can set a timer on your phone too.


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If you are going to listen to music while you are out running, I highly suggest that you invest in a good pair of wireless headphones. You don’t have to worry about the cords getting in the way while you are running or constantly having to stop running because you keep knocking your ear buds out of your ears.


Running in the dark can be very dangerous. Cars often can not see you until they are right up on you. A reflective running vest is lightweight and it makes you visible to other’s when you are running in the dark.


If you don’t like the idea of wearing a reflective running vest, you can use one of those headlamps. The only downside to wearing a headlamp on your forhead, people coming up behind you might not be able to see you. To remedy this you can run against oncoming traffic but utilize caution when doing this. Plus, the headlamp will light your path and help prevent you from falling down.


Walking or running often causes a pesky rash between your legs, under your arm, or under your bra. If you are prone to chaffing, you should invest in some anti-chaffing cream. Don’t worry chaffing happens to runners of all shapes and sizes. It happens when you wear cotton clothing that has seams in high friction areas. The friction causes your clothes to rub your skin. Then it becomes irritated to the point where it makes it difficult to walk or run. Simply apply the anti-chaffing cream before you head out on your next run.


Investing in some shorts that are made specifically for running will also help prevent chaffing. When purchasing shorts or tights, you want to make sure that they fit you properly in the waist and that they aren’t too loose or baggy. Don’t choose shorts that are made of cotton. Instead, choose a material that is designed to help wick the moisture away. If possible, find shorts that have pockets for your keys, cell phone, or anything else that you want to carry with you while you are out running. Put the items in your pocket while you are trying them on and do a jog test.


Pick up a few pair of running socks. Normal socks can make your feet feel gross and sweaty or they can even cause you to rub a blister. Running socks are designed to help keep your feet dry and most of them even offer additional support for your feet.


You will need to fuel up before you go out running. Try eating some protein bars or making your own protein bites is a great way to fuel up.

Running doesn’t require a ton of expensive gear. I hope that my top picks for the best running gear helped you grab the necessities to make running fun.

Grab a buddy and go enjoy a run!

Do you have proper running shoes? If so, have you replaced them recently to help avoid wear and tear on your joints and knees?