Do You Keep a Roll of Toilet Paper in Your Gym Bag?

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Do you keep a roll of toilet paper in your gym bag? You are probably thinking that it is a bit strange to have a roll of toilet paper in your gym bag. While it is a strange thing to keep in your gym bag, today I will be sharing with you the reasons why I keep a roll of toilet paper in my bag.

Empty Roll in Restroom Stall

Have you ever been in the restroom stall at the gym only to discover that the toilet paper roll is empty? I’ve been stranded in the restroom stall at the gym in the past only to discover that the toilet paper roll is empty or there is only a small amount on the roll. An empty roll of toilet paper might not be a huge deal until you have to go poop one day and find yourself in this situation.

Whether you are tempted to wait until another patron comes into gym restroom or you try to hop to another stall to grab some without getting caught, you could prevent this situation from occurring if you just keep a roll of Scott Comfort Plus toilet paper in your gym bag.

Catching Your Runny Nose

Does your nose start running whenever you workout? You probably suffer from a condition called vasomotor rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis causes inappropriate firing of the nerves that trigger the nasal mucous glands. It causes your nose to run in certain situations. The mucus is thin and watery and it goes away once you stop working out.

If you are one of the unlikely people that suffer from this condition, we suggest that you keep Kleenex  or a roll of soft toilet paper in your gym bag. We all know that most toilet paper at the gym is a bit rough to use on your bum let alone on your nose.

Use It to Remove Your Makeup

Ladies, have you ever run out of makeup remover wipes while at the gym. Fear not, you can use toilet paper to help remove your makeup. The toilet paper might crumble so you might have to swap it out frequently. But soft toilet paper is so much better than using a brown paper towel that feels like your wiping your face with sandpaper. Ladies, you will thank me one day for suggesting that you put a roll of toilet paper in your gym bag.

Wipe the Sweat Off Your Brow

I don’t always shower before leaving the gym because let’s face it I would much rather shower at home. So it isn’t uncommon for me to still be a bit sweaty on the drive home. The great thing about keeping a roll of toilet paper handy in your gym bag, you can easily reach into your bag for your roll of toilet paper. Unroll a bit of toilet paper and use it to wipe the sweat off your brow to keep the sweat from running into your eyes. Trust me you don’t want sweat to get in your eye while you are driving. ?

Prepared for Race Day

Have you ever participated in a race? On race day, you are most likely to find porta potties close by for racers to use. Just like the bathroom stall incident, you could easily be faced with running out of toilet paper while you are stuck in a porta potty. But you would be stuck inside without any options unless you were prepared and had some toilet paper in your gym bag.

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Do you keep a roll of toilet paper in your gym bag? Have you tried Scott Comfort Plus Toliet Paper yet?