Try These 14 Uses for that Jar of Vaseline Hiding Under the Bathroom Counter

Do you have a jar of Vaseline hiding under your bathroom counter? It is crazy to think that I have had a jar of Vaseline under the bathroom sink for six years. I bought it when I was pregnant with my youngest son, and I ended up not using it. Thankfully, Vaseline doesn’t expire or go bad, but I there isn’t any sense to continue to go unused. Try these 14 ways to use up your jar of Vaseline.

Disclosure: I received a free jar of Vaseline from Influenster. All opinions and ideas are 100% my own.

Moisturize Your Feet

Are your feet screaming for attention? I tend to neglect my feet until they get to the point where my heels are dry and cracked. When my feet get to this point, I will use my pedicure foot file and then slather Vaseline on the bottom of my feet. Don’t be afraid to put it on thick as long as you cover your feet with socks. Your socks will prevent the petroleum jelly from getting all over everything.

DIY Lip Gloss

Are you always losing your lip gloss? My chapstick seems to disappear before I even had a chance to use the entire tube. Next time you need some new lip gloss or chapstick, simply make your own DIY lip gloss with petroleum jelly, flavoring (Kool-Aid with sugar works best), and food coloring if you don’t use Kool-Aid. You will also need sterile Clear, Empty, 5 Gram Plastic Pot Jars, Cosmetic Containers, stir sticks, and a microwave safe bowl. Microwave a tablespoon of petroleum jelly in a microwave safe bowl for 20 to 30 seconds. If it isn’t fully melted, add 5 or 10 seconds until it is all melted. Then stir in flavoring and food color (optional). Mix and carefully pour it into the plastic pot jar. Let cool until it is fully set.

Chapped Lips?

Do you have chapped lips and can’t find your chapstick? You can apply a thin layer of Vaseline directly to your lips. Repeat as needed.

Protect your Skin from Hair Dye

A few years ago, I would dye my hair at home to save money. I wasn’t as neat with the hair dye as a hair stylist, but I was able to achieve desirable results for under $15.00. Use Vaseline to protect the skin near your scalp. It prevents the hair dye from bonding with your skin. You can even add the cotton similar to the salon to prevent drips.

Prevent Diaper Rash

Did you run out of diaper rash ointment? Grab the jar of petroleum jelly and slather it on your baby’s bum. It will provide a barrier and protect their delicate skin between diaper changes.

Protect Against Chaffing

Are you tired of getting chaffed every time you exercise? Try rubbing a thin coat of Vaseline on your problem areas before you begin. The lubrication will help keep your skin from rubbing raw.

Cover Cuts and Scrapes

Neosporin is the product of choice when it comes to protecting your cuts and scrapes. However, when the tube is empty and it is a boo-boo emergency, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your cuts or scrapes.

Tame Those Crazy Eye Brows

Have you ever had several crazy eyebrows that don’t want to lay flat no matter how hard you try? You no longer have to break out the tweezers and accidently over pluck them. Simply rub a small amount of it over those stubborn eyebrows. Use your eyebrow brush to smooth your eyebrows.

Smooth Rough Elbows and Knees

Is the skin on your elbows and knees rough? Moisturize your elbows and knees, along with any other rough spots, with a layer of Vaseline.

Paint your Nails Perfectly

A few days ago, I painted my fingernails and they were a hot mess after I was finished. I struggle with painting my own nails but I wanted to show you my new color of nail polish. Next time, I paint my nails on my own I am going to try this technique. Simply apply petroleum jelly around the edges of your nails. Unless you go wild with the nail polish, you will no longer have nail polish around the edges of your nails.

Remove your Eye Makeup Easily

Try These 14 Uses for that Jar of Vaseline Hiding Under the Bathroom Counter

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to a cotton ball or beauty cotton pads and rub it on your eyelids. Then clean off the makeup with a clean cotton beauty pads, tissue or soft cloth. Do be careful not to get it in your eye and make sure that you remove it carefully to avoid eye irritation.

Facial Moisturizer

Are you out of your usual facial moisturizer? Grab the jar of Vaseline from under the counter and apply a thin layer to your face. Don’t worry it won’t clog your pores even if you slather your face with it. I highly suggest that you apply it at night as a facial moisturizer. It takes a while for it to fully soak into your skin, unlike most traditional facial moisturizers.

Tame your Split Ends

Split ends tend to make your hair look out of control and cause it to tangle easily. It never fails that I tend to notice my split ends when I have somewhere important to be and don’t have time to go get a hair trim. Next time this happens to you simply rub a small amount of Vaseline on your hands. Then run your fingers through the ends of your hair. Do make sure that you don’t apply a large amount on your hands, you only need a thin layer to help tame those split ends.

Turn your Favorite Eye Shadow into a Cream

Before a job interview about nine years ago, I found some amazing creamy eye shadow on mark down. It ended up being my favorite eye shadow. To this day, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere so that I could replace it. However, I stumbled upon this trick and I plan on making my own cream eye shadow. Grab an empty eyeshadow palette here. Simply add a small dab of vaseline and break up your favorite color of eyeshadow. Mix it together and scoop it into the palette. It is best to start with a small amount of Vaseline first and add a tiny bit more until you get the desired consistency that you desire.

Do you have a jar of Vaseline that has been hiding under your bathroom counter for several years? I am guilty! When we were moving, I actually found three jars under my bathroom counter. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the jars is over 1o years old.

Are you guilty of having a jar of Vaseline hiding under your bathroom counter?