A Guide to Women’s Health: Stay Healthy and Happy throughout Your Life

A woman’s life changes quite often, and usually very drastically. It all starts with college and employment, then comes family and kids, and, eventually, the stress of saving up for retirement. During each phase, it is important to take your health seriously and stay on top of women’s health trends. So, if you want to handle these different phases of your life like a true boss that you are, follow these tips to stay healthy and happy throughout your life.

Be Social

Lacking social contact can often be just as harmful to our health as being overweight, so make sure to stay socially active. This is quite easy for girls and young women, but the amount of social relationships we maintain often becomes lower as we get older. The number of people living alone is slowly rising, especially when we look at senior citizens. For this reason, don’t forget to stay in touch with your old friends; make new contacts and seek for regular social interactions, no matter how busy or secluded you are. One great way to stay engaged is to join a club or find some volunteer opportunities in your community. These will keep you surrounded by like-minded people, and even give you a chance to help someone in need!

Maintain Healthy Weight

Being fit is quite important for women of all ages; however, younger women have a much easier time maintaining their goal weight, even though there are plenty of “fat traps”, such as alcohol and fast food. Many drinks, especially sugary cocktails, have a lot of empty calories, and most fast foods are full of fats and added sugars. Maintaining healthy weight is especially important as you get into your 40s and start premenopause. At this time, our metabolism slows down, we get less active, and our insulin resistance goes up, so it might get much harder to remain fit. However, if you make healthy and smart food choices, limit your portions and calorie intake, and stay active, you can jumpstart your metabolism and keep those harmful kilograms down.


Stay active

Every woman should strive to be healthy and strong, and one way of achieving that is through regular exercise. Women in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s should try to hit the gym regularly, execute some home exercises, or try some outdoor cardio. As women get in their late 30s, they begin to lose the muscle mass. This tends to slow down metabolism, make us more fragile and prone to injuries. So, don’t hesitate to keep those muscles strong with weights or bodyweight exercises. Also, light cardio can be used all throughout one’s life to stay strong, fit, and flexible. Even women over 60 can be very active. Today there are amazing aged care programs that offer assisted exercise classes, brisk walks, and outdoor activities. These light exercises will keep its residents active in a safe and healthy way.

Have Safe Sex

HPV or the human papillomavirus is one of the common and quite dangerous sexually transmitted diseases that can often cause cervical cancer. Even though STDs like this mostly occur with younger women (from late teens up to early 30s), that doesn’t mean more mature women don’t have to practice safe sex and keep proper intimate hygiene. In order to stay healthy, make sure to limit your number of partners, always practice protected sex, and have regular pelvic exams. Women younger than 26 can even consider getting HPV vaccines. It is important to scheuled a yearly women’s health exam too.

Take Some “Me Time”

Women of all ages have a lot of responsibilities—they are moms and grandmas, caregivers, employees and employers, and all of these roles provide them with plenty of unwanted stress. If it goes untreated, stress can go chronic and affect almost every organ in the body! This makes fighting diseases much harder and catching them a lot easier. So, make sure to always find some time to relax, no matter if you’re a busy student, a caring mom, or an active senior. Try meditation, yoga, a breathing exercise, or simply grab a book, play some music, get a pampering treatment for your skin and hair, or devote time to your hobbies.

Make Regular Visits to the Doctor’s

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s and feeling totally invincible, or you’re in your 70s and feeling a little fragile, getting regular checkups is very important! This way, you’ll know exactly what to focus on, and which part of your lifestyle to improve.

If you properly take care of your health, you’ll be a real superwoman who’s ready to fight any problem that comes flying your way, no matter how old you are! It is easier to take care of your health as you age and prevent health problems before they arise. We suggest keeping up with women’s health trends to ensure you don’t miss out on important information.

Do you follow this guide to women’s health?

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